Toward Community Standards and Software for Whole-Cell Modeling.

OBJECTIVE: Whole-cell (WC) modeling is a promising tool for biological research, bioengineering, and medicine. However, substantial work remains to create accurate comprehensive models of complex cells. METHODS: We organized the 2015 Whole-Cell Modeling Summer School to teach WC modeling and evaluate the need for new WC modeling standards and software by recoding a recently published WC model in the Systems Biology Markup Language. RESULTS: Our analysis revealed several challenges to representing WC models using the current standards. CONCLUSION: We, therefore, propose several new WC modeling standards, software, and databases. SIGNIFICANCE: We anticipate that these new standards and software will enable more comprehensive models.

IEEE Trans Biomed Eng. 2016 Oct;63(10):2007-14. doi: 10.1109/TBME.2016.2560762. Epub 2016 Jun 10.
D. Waltemath, J. R. Karr, F. T. Bergmann, V. Chelliah, M. Hucka, M. Krantz, W. Liebermeister, P. Mendes, C. J. Myers, P. Pir, B. Alaybeyoglu, N. K. Aranganathan, K. Baghalian, A. T. Bittig, P. E. Burke, M. Cantarelli, Y. H. Chew, R. S. Costa, J. Cursons, T. Czauderna, A. P. Goldberg, H. F. Gomez, J. Hahn, T. Hameri, D. F. Gardiol, D. Kazakiewicz, I. Kiselev, V. Knight-Schrijver, C. Knupfer, Matthias K├Ânig, D. Lee, A. Lloret-Villas, N. Mandrik, J. K. Medley, B. Moreau, H. Naderi-Meshkin, S. K. Palaniappan, D. Priego-Espinosa, M. Scharm, M. Sharma, K. Smallbone, N. J. Stanford, J. H. Song, T. Theile, M. Tokic, N. Tomar, V. Toure, J. Uhlendorf, T. M. Varusai, L. H. Watanabe, F. Wendland, M. Wolfien, J. T. Yurkovich, Y. Zhu, A. Zardilis, A. Zhukova, F. Schreiber
Date Published:
IEEE Trans Biomed Eng